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Kategorie: Spiele mit Schuber

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Original Nes Spielemodul Ski Or Die
Original Schuber Hülle zum Spiel
"This is no place for flakes, Dude. Welcome to Rodney's Winter Wonderland of tasty tournaments. A gnarly snow sport spectacular of five events - Snowboard Half Pipe, Snowball Blast, Inner Tube Thrash, Downhill Blitz, and Acro Aerials. Whether you're trying to win points or the judges' hearts, it's a torture test of slope-slicing skill for up to six skiers. But Rodney warns you the mountain's crawlin' with contest crashers like punk penguins, abnormal abominables, chainsaw-toting rabbits and bodacious polar bears. Frenzied freaks of nature who want you to cash it in on a snow bank. But buckle down and you'll rack up points for pulverizing all kinds of ski shack scum. Assuming, of course, you can swoosh past bear traps, trees and other ouch-inducing obstacles. And when you're not engaged in wild tubular warfare with twisted slope slime like Lester or the iglooheads, you must blind the keen-eyed judges with your brilliant backflips, ollies, pikes, hand plants, daffies and helicopters. Just stay cool while you hone your skills in practice or hot-dog it in competition. Because one bogus move and you'll be plowing the slope with your chin."(Angaben vom Hersteller)
Genre: Sport
Regionalcode: PAL
Plattform: Nintendo NES
USK-Einstufung: Unbekannt
Sport-Subgenre: Nicht zutreffend
Artikelzustand: Sehr gut

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