NES Spiel The Simpsons - Bart vs. The Space Mutants

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Original Nes Spielemodul The Simpsons Bart Vs. The Space Mutants
"Hello, fellow humans! Barthlomew J. Simpson here, with a very important secret: SPACE MUTANTS ARE INVADING SPRINGFIELD! That's right, man! A buncha slimy, horrible, totally gross and putrid monsters are taking over the bodies of the people who live here and they wanna build a weapon that's gonna take over the entire planet! Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, yours truly is the only one who can see 'em 'cause of my X-ray glasses - so it's up to me to stop 'em! I've gotta spraypaint things, get radical on my skateboard, use my trusty slingshot, and in general behave like a nuisance, man. Plus, with evil dudes like Nelson the bully and Sideshow Bob getting in my way, it's a good thing I've got the rest of the Simpsons to help me out! So if you're a decent person, a patriot, and somebody who cares about this sorry planet, you'll do the right thing. Save the Earth! BUY THIS GAME! Thanks, man!"(Angaben vom Hersteller)
Genre: Familie & Kinder
Regionalcode: PAL
Plattform: Nintendo NES
USK-Einstufung: Unbekannt
Sport-Subgenre: Nicht zutreffend
Artikelzustand: Sehr gut
Reihe: Die Simpsons

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