SNES Spiel Fatal Fury 2 (B - Ware) 229B

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Zustand: 4 = Gebraucht, Akzeptabel
gebraucht, getestet, voll funktionsfähig. Modul kann altersbedingt leichte Verfärbungen aufweisen, das Cover ist aber in sehr gutem Zustand. Originale Umverpackung und Anleitung NICHT enthalten. Spielsprache i.d.R. Deutsch/Englisch. Musterbild: Artikel kann vom Foto abweichen. PAL Version.

Kategorie: B-Ware Spiele reduziert

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Original Snes Spiel Fatal Fury 2 Modul Im B-Ware Zustand
ARE YOU READY FOR THE TOUGHEST CHALLENGE OF YOUR LIFE? It's time for 20 megs of non-stop action, with another super-hot arcade game for your Super Nintendo. Rejoin the brothers Andy and Terry Bogard, with their friend Joe Higashi as they discover that FATAL FURY was just a warm up! Now they must face the meanest, most dangerous fighters ever assembled! Choose from among 8 fierce opponents: from Big Bear - the savage unmasked wrestler to Mai Shiranui-the female beauty with mystical arts of the Ninja. Battle through Thailand, Spain, Australia and many other locations. Feature packed, and filled with all the hard-hitting action you'd expect from Takara's Fighting Series. Unique 3D movements enable you to move and fight both in foreground and background - in way NO other street fighting game can. This game rocks with huge, blazing arcade style graphics and faster animation that ever before! The question is - are you up to a new challenge? HUGE GRAPHICS AND INCREDIBLY FAST ANIMATION. POWERFUL NEW MOVES TO LEARN AND MASTER. UNIQUE 3-D ACTION - FIGHT IN BOTH FOREGROUND AND BACKGROUND. 1P VS COMPUTER (SELECTABLE), 1P VS 2P, AND NEW TEAM ELIMINATION FIGHTING MODES. PLAY AGAINST THE COMPUTER OR TAKE ON ANOTHER PLAYER IN HEAD-TO-HEAD COMBAT. FOR 1 OR 2 PLAYERS. (Angaben vom Hersteller)
Genre: Action/Abenteuer
Regionalcode: PAL
Plattform: Nintendo SNES
USK-Einstufung: Unbekannt
Sport-Subgenre: Nicht zutreffend
Artikelzustand: Akzeptabel
Reihe: NHL

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